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 crew.sk (n'c) DB

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PostSubject: crew.sk (n'c) DB   crew.sk (n'c) DB EmptyMon Dec 08, 2008 1:22 pm

We kinda like this DodgeBall league idea.. Lets DB cw smtime and maybe work together to form a league? Knife Only ctf players are definetly the best in db, so we might sucseed in bringing more 'db community' clans.
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PostSubject: Re: crew.sk (n'c) DB   crew.sk (n'c) DB EmptyMon Dec 08, 2008 8:25 pm

yes man, there was an db championships, but it died yesterday... we were in this championships and we pwned all clans before it died, so we were favourites of this championships. hah db playaz r nubs. Szlol was the organizer. There was db league too and 8 db clans were participating vs each other and this league was ended succesfull (clan Knife Masters or smth like that won this shit). Man if they were succesfull with creating this league so why we cant create k.o league? :S <cuz of fcukin poles... clanwhoring clans; they r in each other clan in other day nubs.>
anyway if u wanna play db cws, why not. we can play vs u Very Happy or we can even play vs other db clans, like ssk.. i founded 14 db clans Surprised but Szlol left soldat and 1/3 of db community left with him too. He was important to db community.
gl in db cw Very Happy
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crew.sk (n'c) DB
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